Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb. 16, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Our first square dance in a month -- nice Valentine theme.

Friday 1990 - [NYC] At the toy show, lunch with Bruce.

Saturday 1991 - [NYC] Went to Barneys, WOW the prices.  Had lunch at China Square Restaurant, good.  Visited Holography Museum [which closed in 1992, so good choice visiting in '91] and then saw movie "Iron and Silk" in Chinese.

Tuesday 1993 - [NYC to Guatemala with Hinshaws]

Thursday 1995 - [NYC]  Jean met Louise Robinson at the Hilton.  She had come up for the day from Washington DC and they went to the Metropolitan Art Museum.  I met Duke [Douglass] for lunch, ate at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on 6th & 22nd.  They are getting ready to open one on Union Square.

Friday 1996 - Russ Powell passed away at 84.  He retired 23 years ago.  [He was a NVHS graduate, class of 1929.  Did his wife work for the school district?  Please remind me about what he did.]

Sunday 1997 - [South Africa]

Monday 1998 - Shawnee UMC is at Exit 120 on I-75 [Lima, church of Rev. Bishman, mentioned yesterday].  Message tonight on "what we have", not on "what we don't have" about the disciples worrying about only having a loaf of bread.  Jean met friend at Chinese Restaurant in Hillsboro for lunch.  Her husband is cutting circles out of plywood -- roundtoits - "when you get around to it."

Tuesday 1999 - Plenty of work at office. [First day back after 8 day road trip to KY, TN, GA & FL for Joe's art show, etc.]  Jean had UMW at Joanne Gruber's.  Serena goes to Newark.

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