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Your Town: New Vienna Ohio 1957 (Part 2 of 5)

New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County
A full page spread in the Cincinnati Times-Star, February 26, 1957  by Mayo Mohs [Part 2 of 5]

Today [1957], having survived the turn of the century migration to the big cities, New Vienna is prospering again.  

Both agriculture, the community's mainstay, and industry, its new hallmark, combine to give the town its latest push toward the spotlight.  

Cincinnati's Randall Co., producers of automobile trim, employs about 60 people in its New Vienna plant, and the Carter Tool & Die Co., the southern Ohio Tool & Die Co., the Wells Manufacturing Co., and the Nasa Tool Co. also contribute to the local economy.   [More about Wells and Southern Ohio Tool & Die in a future post.]

As a result, New Vienna is nearing its nineteenth century population mark of 1,000 rapidly, is pushing out into the country side with new homes and plans for more.  The local Lions Club, headed by Carl West, is planning a new subdivision of 54 homes and a public park, and other civic improvements are keeping pace.

Mayor James Hildebran and his six-man town council – Hurschell Lancen, Robert Sonners, Chester Ledford, Estil Irwin, Dewey Akers and Ernie McDaniel – are seeing to it that the town keeps governmentally abreast, and Police Chief Tom Green and Fire Chief Joe Rambo are caring for the "security" end of things.

Somehow, some way, New Vienna seems to have recaptured the pioneer ambition that once set its youthful ancestors to the task of promoting their town through verse.

They have all the necessities for a sound and deserved expansion.

Now all they need in New Vienna is another poet.

Yet to come is a poor quality aerial photo, Ancient Game of Jacks is Town's Young Industry, and Their Products Guard America's Skies.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Where were these plants (Southern Ohio Tool was next to Wells, yes?)? Did not realize Randall had been in New Vienna. One was possibly precursor to Buckeye Molding?

Catherine said...

The map, although poor, is coming in a later post. Roughly though, Randall was west of the Catholic Church, with Carter Tool & Die in front (south) of Randall in what is now the Senior Citizens. Mongold Oil on Main St. next to Daye's Hardware, the Grain Co. along the RR tracks east of the Depot (close to the other RR crossing), Nasa Tool west side of South St. (73) to the north of where Wells later expanded and Southern Ohio Tool on the further west part of Wells expansion. The Farm Bureau co-op was along the RR tracks further west on the corner of Pearl St.

In looking closely at the map it looks like there was a RR spur track that might have gone north from the Grain Co. crossing Main St. about where the PO is now and going toward but ending before West St. (28).

HH adds: Fifty four years later all of those businesses in NV are a thing of the past, as I count Wells in that group with just a couple of employees. With absentee ownership those Wells buildings will become an eyesore .

Young Ho Kim worked at Randall when in college as they had a program with Wilmington college.

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