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Feb. 26, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Lunch at Ponderosa, went to [Wilmington] College Library, then Emmaus community meeting. Had light skiff of snow last night. We have a time getting the up and down temperature changes on our thermostat. State Senator Dave Hobson [b. 10/17/36, Ohio Senate 1982-91, US Rep 1991-2009] was a pilgrim on the walk.

Monday 1990 - [Florida] Donna Sears died [at age] (63), married Bob in 1945. [Parents of Clara and Sue?]

Tuesday 1991 - [Texas to Ohio] Visited Alamo again after breakfast at the Hotel and the King William district. Flight left at 1PM and we were in Cincinnati at 6PM.

Wednesday 1992 - [Israel to NYC] Hotel wake up call at 2:30 and we left for airport at 3:30. What a long day with plane to Athens (2 hours), then a 3 hour wait to board big plane to NYC for 10 hour flight. Roberta had reservations at Best Western on 45th St, $75 for the 3 of us.

Friday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Saturday 1994 - [Kauai, Hawaii]

Sunday 1995 - Ed Johnson spoke of communication, the story of the polar bear and the pallbearer. He didn't want to sit on the ice and eat fish. John, Julie and Kate came about 1:30 for dinner and stayed until 6:30. We walked down to Wells and saw the new rooms. Still hard for me to believe that the total cost was 10M [thousand]. Kate can say "No" and also said "bye" when leaving. John said they hope to take a group to Mexico City in September for mission repair work. Had evening meeting at church.

Monday 1996 - [referring to Sunday 2/25/96] Social hour after church. We met the Goodings at 1pm at Der Dutchman in Waynesville. Meals still $6.95, had 30 minute wait, then talked until 4pm. Bev had just had an operation and they are signed up for an E.O. [Educational Opportunities, per MV a group that does tours often led by pastors or lay people] trip to Genteel England this August, going with Lisa's pastor at the big church in Dayton. Jim has moved across the street to a 5-story house.

Wednesday 1997 - [London] Visited the British Museum.

Friday 1999 - [to Kentucky] Left for Somerset as Don was gone and MV and four other women were going to Beersheba TN for a weekend.

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