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March 1, 1989-99

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - 19 degrees, 0 with wind chill but very sunny. G.G. Leaves for Florida. Michelle Harner and a fellow spoke on their annual trip to FFA meeting in KC. Read the book "You are what you say" -- very good, how true. Psalms 90:10-12. The PERS* [Public Employees Retirement System] check is $111.96 per month. Used 331 cubic feet of water $11.94, sewer $14.46, trash $3.30, total $29.70

Thursday 1990 - [Florida]

Friday 1991 - Jean had World Fellowship Day at church. I went to Cincy to OBA meeting on Probate Litigation at Guest Suites in Blue Ash. Their Friday evening fish buffet is $18.95. Bought gas for 96.9c.

Monday 1993 - Started on new bridge on US 62 on north edge of Hillsboro.

Tuesday 1994 - [Hawaii] Went from Hilo to Kona Village, what a low key swank place at $450/night, meals included, which were way too much -- appetizer, soup, salad, main course and sweets. We were in PT5, interesting to watch the ducks.

Wednesday 1995 - Dean Bernard had the Lions Club Program about science in toys. Rode bike out, sun just setting at 6:30 and setting just a little to the left of SR 28. Got literature about upcoming trip to Iceland on 6/13/95.

Friday 1996 - Kibler's [Lumber] opening a new store in Hillsboro.

Saturday 1997 -[to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset.

Sunday 1998 - Met Ann and Everett Bailey at [Samuel] Walkers in Wilmington, then to Voice Recital at Kelly Center, Janet Grover, wife of Asst. Minister in Wilmington.  Pastor Mike spoke on temptation, Luke 4:1-13.  Children's message about using sun glasses to avoid bright sun and temptations so the church can strengthen us.  Saw the Ralph Rannells both today and last night [at College play].  Article in NYT about Hong Kong -- liked the Garden View [YWCA] Hotel.

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to Ohio] We took Ginny to school by 8:25 -- Victory School on Oak Hill Road. Had lunch at 11:30 at the new Applebee's In Milford. Jean had Mother's Club at NV Elementary School. Got tickets from Lyon but have to send back as too soon. [low, long?]

*HH added in 2010: the PERS reference today is Public Employees Retirement System and the amount was my monthly pension. The amount now is some $200. Even better is my insurance coverage. Peaches is covered under STRS - StateTeachers Retirement System. That Kona Village was one of the nicer places that we ever stayed as it should be at that price.

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