Friday, February 04, 2011

Catherine home from hospital Feb. 1949

In early February 1949 Jean and Catherine were released from the hospital.  These pictures were taken outside of the Uible apartment at Lakeview Terrace in Cleveland.  The Baby Buggy is the same one  that I remember the rest of my siblings also using and when it wasn't being used was stored upstairs at Wells.  People often told Mother she should bring it into the Church when she "parked" it outside the front door.  She said "If someone wants it that badly they can have it."  It was definitely showing some wear and tear by the time MV was the passenger.

I'm fortunate that my only other hospital stay as of 2011, was in ~1955 when I had my tonsils removed at the old Hale Hospital in Wilmington.  Lots more pictures of Wilmington at this website

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Catherine, I'm really enjoying the continued blog posts, especially the pictures, postcards and commentary you've upgraded with. Very nice job!

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