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Feb. 20, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - [Philadelphia to Ohio]  Decided to take train to airport ($4 vs $8 on bus) and senior citizens ride free, 30 minutes out there.  Had lunch at Frisch's.  Senior special small fish or burger $3.70 with soup, salad and fruit bar.

Wednesday 1991 - [San Antonio TX] Visited Alamo, Rivercenter, Market Square, Public Library, etc.

Thursday 1992 - [Israel]

Saturday 1993 - [Guatemala]

Sunday 1994 - [Maui, Hawaii]  Went to church across from old court house, 95% visitors, then drove to Hana, 50+ one lane bridges + 600+ sharp curves, went on beyond to Lindbergh's burial place, a flat stone.  Born in Michigan in 1902, died in Maui 1974.  The site was covered with stone.  Had supper at the Pain at the Corner [?] restaurant, a busy place.  We had located a Safeway grocery near our motel which was handy.

Monday 1995 - [Kentucky to New Vienna]  Jean has a nasty cold.  Left Burnside about 8:30 and made a stop at Office Max to look at chairs for new office space.  Had lunch at Boston Chicken.  Got gas for 95.9c.  Kroger's had old milk at 99c/gallon.

Tuesday 1996 - Went to Dayton for Edna Campbell lock box opening and inventory.  Had lunch at King Cole, a 3-star Mobil rating, most entrees were $8.95.  [According to this article in the Dayton Daily News, King Cole morphed into Olivia's and then in 2009 became Michael's Dining and Jazz.]  Buchanan won the New Hampshire primary election with 28%, Dole 27%, Alexander 23% and Forbes 12%.

Thursday 1997 - [South Africa]

Friday 1998 - [Kentucky to Alabama]  Left for Montgomery about 9:30 with Ken and Janelle Conn and Mary Virginia.  He is an insurance adjuster and she is a High School teacher and sings in MV's choir.  We stayed at Suites Plus.  The church has about 7000 members and 4500 attend Church on Sunday.  They have these seminars twice a year on church growth. [MV adds: We went to Montgomery, AL to Frazer Memorial UMC for their semi-annual church training "Every Member in Ministry." Group from Somerset UMC went and had cancellation so Dad went along.]

Saturday 1999 - Lions Club Pancake day $4 and $2.  Went to Wilmington.  Had long conversation with Rose Cooper, she is 60.  Ate at Bob Evans, talked with Jim Foland.

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Catherine said...

HH adds: Re: 1998 - That trip to Montgomery was my first experience with a cell phone. The couple we went with loaned me one of their phones to use when the meeting was over and I flunked the test.
RE: 1999 - Rose Cooper is still writing for the WNJ.

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