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Wilmington Ohio Map 1859

From "A County Seat Calendar 1985" page 7
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Map Inscription on Calendar:  The world according to surveyor Jeff Hildebrant, 1859

February 10, 1811 - After seven months of indecision, the first commissioners change the name of the town to Wilmington.  They are looking for a name that is not already used in Ohio.  In June [1810], they name it Clinton.  In August, it is called Armenia.  By October, is is Mt. Pleasant.  The judge allows one more change:  Wilmington it is, although no one is certain why.  

According to Ohio History Central: "Many of the town's early residents were from North Carolina, and they named their new community, which was established in 1810, after Wilmington, North Carolina. The community grew quickly, attaining 1,500 residents by 1840. In 1846, the community had five churches, one high school, one newspaper, and nineteen retail stores."

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