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Buzzards Glory and New Vienna, Ohio

From the 1985 County Seat Calendar page 9:

"February 25, 1827 – Buzzard's Glory becomes a town.  It is so named because Rafe Mortimer, running a tanyard on the site about 1812, became "financially embarrassed," and his stock was levied.  His hides were removed from their vats and hung on poles, attracting an innumerable throng of buzzards over the neglected tanyard.  Name is later changed to New Vienna, which is more socially acceptable but does not have that old  je ne sais quoi." 
As mentioned in a previous post on NV history, according to the WNJ:
"Buzzard’s Glory, established in 1827, was the original name of New Vienna. Although Buzzard’s Glory was established in 1827, it was not officially entered into the county deed books until 1835. The town was so named because in 1812 to 1813 there was a local tannery in operation, and when the animal hides were hung outside they would attract buzzards. Buzzard’s Glory was later renamed New Vienna by Harkens T. Van Winkle."

From History of Clinton County, published by W.H. Beers and Co. 1916:
"NEW VIENNA. By A. W. Boden.*
"Buzzard's Glory," as the town was first called, was laid off as a village April 21, 1835, by Nathan Linton, surveyor, for Thomas Hussey (father of Stephen Hussey). It was called "Buzzard's Glory" from the fact that a man by the name of Mortimer, in the early days, about 1812 or 1813, was running a tanyard over in the "Canada" part of town. [I think this was near where Huffman Lumber was later located.] It was part of the Collohill survey No. 1,078. While thus employed, he became financially embarrassed, and his stock was levied on. The hides were taken out to the vats preparatory to sale and hung on poles where they remained for several days, affording bait for an innumerable throng of buzzards, and while they were thus flocking to feed on Mortimer's hides, the place was dubbed "Buzzard's Glory." Harkens T. Van Winkle gave the town its present name of New Vienna."

* This is only one paragraph of a several page history of New Vienna which may be shared in future posts.

From Historic New Vienna by Olive S. Brown, accessed from 2/25/11:
"It seems at that time [1827] the settlers wanted a new name for their town having tired of the homely name of “Buzzards Glory.” Harkenss T. VanWinkle had the honor of giving the town its present name of New Vienna. He was born in Morris county, N.Y. February 21, 1792. In 1820 he settled in Leesburg, Ohio, coming to see New Vienna about the time it was laid out. He left for the west in 1844."

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