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Your Town: New Vienna Ohio: Southern Ohio Tool & Die (Part 3 of 5)

New Vienna, Once Buzzard's Glory Prospers Anew in Clinton County
A full page spread in the Cincinnati Times-Star, February 26, 1957  by Mayo Mohs* [Part 3 of 5]

Their Products Guard America's Skies:

Most Americans, when they hear of defense work done by the nation's plants, envision vast factories on the edges of giant cities turning out planes, armored equipment and other such needs for the Government.

Few realize that the nation's defense industry is often of the grass-roots variety – a you and I and the guy next door type of thing that makes many of us and our neighbors contributors to the safety of the country.

Such an industry is the Southern Ohio Tool and Die Co. in New Vienna.  Not large – it employees only some 25 people – the company nevertheless is vital.  Though the parts they produce are small, they eventually become part of the air fleet that guards our boundaries.

What the company makes is airplane parts for such denizens of the sky as North American Sabrejet, the Super Sabre, and the Navy Fury.

Picture Captioned:  Company Head R.W. "Shorty" Mongold, right and Shop Superintendent Harold Baker, left, look over one of the Southern Ohio Tool Co.'s many products, all designed for various aviation uses.  The part he holds in his hand is for the Curtiss "Hellcat," World War II divebomber, still in use with some naval flying units.  The company also makes farm implement products in another building.  -- Photo by Robert Lehker.
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