Thursday, June 08, 2017

1987 Wendy's Postcards from Prescott -June 7

Wendy saved money by mailing both of these postcards to New Vienna in the same envelope.
Prescott Arizona postcard -written 1987.  Captioned: Prescott (A) One of Prescott;s famous landmarks, the newly remodeled Hassayampa Inn. (B) Yavapai County Courthouse on the square, with the statue of Bucky O'Neill in the foreground. (C) The St. Michael's Hotel and a view of Whiskey Row.  (D) Bucky O'Neill statute at night, one of the original Rough Riders. 

[postmarked June 7, 1987]

Dear Grandma & Grandpa.

Thank you for the letter it was quite nice.  How are you?  I am fine.  I'm in Prescott with Roberta & Sid.  We're going rock climbing now, call for more details.


Love, Wendy

P.S. Write Back

Prescott Arizona postcard -written 1987.  Captioned: Victorian Prescott.  Victorian style homes in downtown Prescott add a special charm in this lovely area. 

[postmarked June 7, 1987]

Dear Mary-Virginia,

I'm up in Prescott right now with Roberta and Sid.  It's quite nice up here. It's getting dark outside.  And it's almost time for dinner.  How's you voice coming along?  Mine's fine.



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