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1967 Catherine's letter -June 23

June 23, 1967 [Friday]

Dear Mother, Daddy, Roberta, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi!  Got a letter from Mother today so I decided I might write some to you - all.  I didn't get any mail at all yesterday but the day before I got a letter from Marianne.  (I had sent her my address on Sat. so it was pretty good service!)  Today I got letters also from Dave, Patty and Al.

Today noon was the end of my job at the hotel.  After scouring the town myself for a new job I got lots of help.  I've been here less than a week and it is amazing how helpful everyone is.  The lady next door, Shirley, works at the hotel desk and she gave Mr. Killion a big talking to about how I deserved a job, etc.  The housemother, Treva, went to see Mrs. Killion.  Mrs. Gibbs talked to Mr. Underwood about finding me another job.  In the mean time I visited Richard's House, Abigails, Dock Shop, Patio and they all told me the same thing – maybe in July or August.

Treva said I could stay on for a week or more in case anything turned up.  However, today when I went to lunch, Mrs. Gibbs informed me someone at the Patio had been fired and I had a job!  I am to go back later today to find out when I start and what I will be doing.  I hope I work the same shift as Jenna.

I go over to Ackerman's usually in the morning before Jenna goes to work and then in the evening to read the newspaper.  I should have never left N.V. – the Reds have been slipping ever since!

I will probably get one day a week off – which isn't too much to come home on.  Besides that the bus fare costs money!

I have been to Port Clinton a couple of times.  We go over there to eat.

I went to the open house at "The Place" and have been several times since.  For some reason though the boys who work here in Lakeside congregate at the Girls dorm and we all play cards or something.

I think I am going to go to Toledo tomorrow with Treva.  She has an apartment there.


Love, Catherine

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