Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1967 Jean's Lakeside Postcard to Catherine -June 11

Wesley Lodge, Lakeside Ohio Postcard -mailed 1967. Captioned: Wesley Lodge, Lakeside, Ohio, has two large rooms used for meetings by schools, institutes, workshops and conventions and also for dining.  Methodist Youth Fellowship groups from districts in the Ohio Area of the Methodist Church use its facilities.

Good to talk to you this AM.  Thought of some other things but will do without them.  Daddy wants you to tell Phyllis our tel. number.

Jenna Noble is working in the Patio [Restaurant] here this summer.  Saw them all briefly before dinner today at Lakeside Hotel.  Real splurge before Beers, Kuntzmans & Fawleys arrive.

Love and XXXXXXXX, Mother

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