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1977 Catherine's letter -June 27

June 27, 1977
Dear Mom, Dad, & Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your letter which arrived Saturday.  We went to the Southern Calif. Expo (S.D. county's fair) on Saturday and we were gone from about 11 A.M. until 9:00 P.M. and we had wondered if Serena might arrive while we were gone but we found your letter when we returned.  The fair is really big and there were lots of people there – over 50,000.  We got pretty tired.  Gerry and I went to our favorite pizza restaurant after we took DeeDee home.

Yesterday Gerry played golf and I walked along in my usual capacity as scorekeeper.  One of the guys he plays with is moving to Bakersfield, CA this week so they won't be able to play.  We took our bikes and rode around the area of the golf course – it was really nice to be able to ride in the country instead of on city street.  (The golf course where they played is about 18 miles out of S.D.)

I bought an old bike for $10 and Gerry fixed it up on the exerciser stand.  It works real well.  He is going to try to put some sort of drag on the rear wheel so it will be a little harder to pedal.  So now I have an inside bike and an outside bike.

Marianne must have gained some weight if she has 30+ pounds to lose.  Hearing that makes me all the more determined not to gain too much.  It's alot easier not to gain than it is to lose it.  The Dr. says he "allows" 3 pounds/month gain.  I didn't ask what happens if you go over 3 pounds.  Maybe he issues a special diet or something.  After my next appt. (July 15) I have to go every 2 weeks.

Write soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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