Friday, June 23, 2017

1977 Catherine's letter -June 20

June 20, 1977

Dear Mom, Dad & Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for the check which we received along with the note from Dad.  We are planning to go out for dinner at Bali Hai which is a fancy Polynesia place on the harbor.  And we're going to get a bedspread and some new pillows.  [Celebration of 1st Wedding Anniversary.]

We had kind of a busy weekend.  Gerry had to work until 1:00 on Saturday.  Then he played golf with a friend and I went along for the fresh air and exercise.  Sunday we took DeeDee bowling and then we all went swimming as it was fairly warm.

Tonight we're going to the bargain baseball night.  I got two free tickets for a game on July 24 as a consolation prize in the home-run for the money contest – but not until I reread the rules and then complained about the fact that I hadn't received anything.

We've been here in San Diego almost a year now – actually it seems like even longer.  I think we both hope we won't have to spend too many more years here.

I imagine we'll be seeing Serena before too long.  We got a small box and several letters which you sent her.

Catherine & Gerry

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