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1987 Serena's Letter -June 15

June 15, 1987

Dear Grandma,

The weather here in Bloomington has been hot and humid lately, but at least I can take heart that I'm in the Midwest rather than Phoenix where it is hotter than this almost all of the time.

My big news here is that I am moving, yet again.  I am moving to graduate student apartment housing.  My efficiency is about the size of my old apartment in Chicago, but it seems huge, especially after living here in the dorm.  I will once again be cooking (probably cheese and fruit type meals – that and Budget Gourmet frozen dinners).

Life is rather up in the air here in the dorm – many people are moving in and some of my friends are moving out – some to other places in Bloomington, some to the "outside" world.  A few lucky ones even have jobs!

I have decided to take an incomplete in Social Sciences as trying to finish the major paper and move at the same time just seemed too, too much.

My team oral presentation on adult learning in the public library was over last week, so that class is basically over – the final shouldn't be too bad.

Next term I am taking Library Automation and Management.  The new term begins on Friday, but I am lucky in that I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  Of course on those days I will be in class from 3 until 9:30.

The Thursday evening dinner that I've been working on seems to be working out ok – somewhere between seven and forty people will probably be there.  Fortunately we are eating out as planning otherwise would be crazy.  I've been telling people five o'clock as I figure that way if people want to go do something else afterwards they can and also, the restaurant should be able to accommodate all of us at that time, particularly on a week night.

I have plenty of room for guests in my new place. Hint! Hint!

My mail has dropped off, so obviously subtle hints don't work with most of the people I write. WRITE!!!  Those few of you who have written can take that in the subtle sense and add "please".

My newest address – effective IMMEDIATELY is 132 Evermann Apartments, Bloomington, Indiana 47406.  I do not have a phone yet, and indeed have not definitely decided whether to get one or not.


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