Friday, June 02, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -May31


Dear family,

Hi!  Just got done taking my Bible exam – it was a really good exam.  The questions were like "What does Jesus say about prayer", "about heaven" , or from what Jesus said "What were the most important things we need".  There were also parts about "queries", "programmed meetings" and that sort of stuff.  I'm going to see teacher Bill about keeping the copy of the exam cause there is stuff that maybe Dad could use in Sunday School or something.

I wrote Grandma and Grandad a letter this morning, I can't even remember the last time I wrote them so I decided it was about time.

I only have one exam left to take – ENGLISH!  I know it will be hard, his tests are always hard but you sure can learn alot form them.  On the Algebra exam I spent too much time on sone of the problems so was unable to finish it as I should have!  that sorta makes me mad but I guess that's just life!

Oh yes  I have a "thing" I want you to read.  I found it in the Quaker magazine that Suzzane gets.

"It's not so much how far you go as what you see.  It's not so much how much you see as what you learn from what you see.  It's not so much how much you learn as what you do with what you learn from what you see as you go, wherever you plan to go."  – Mel Wheatley

It takes a couple of readings to be able to understand, at least it did for me!

I got a letter from Betty Smith today and she was telling me about that "Rewards Day" they had at school.  She said Catherine would get up and get one award just to sit down again, then a few minutes later she would get another!  What all did Catherine get?  Betty sure was impressed!

My big toe on my left foot is all swelled up again – OUCH!  Sylvia bandaged it up for me – she did it too tight for my toe turned this terrible color, it almost stopped my blood circulation!

Well, got to go!  See you all Saturday! (Less than 4 days!)

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