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1967 Catherine's Letter -June 13

June 13, 1967

Dear Mother, Daddy, Roberta, Serena, John, Mary, etc.

Hi!  Greetings from the home front where days are filled with watering flowers, hunting hamsters, picking strawberries, cherries, and delivering and redelivering papers.

That darn hamster is about to give me a nervous breakdown.  I went to feed him last night and there was no hamster in the cage.  The last time I had seen him was Saturday night.  I hunted under beds, chairs, in corners, and every place I could think of.  I finally cornered him under John's desk and got him back into the cage.  In the process I spilled some hamster food on the rug in John's room.  I was awfully tired last night so I decided it could wait until this morning to be cleaned up, but alas when I came with the sweeper there was no food in sight.  The hamster was loose again.  Once more I go through rooms hunting and crawling around on the floor.  But as of now I haven't found him.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I scoured the strawberry patch.  I sold 14 quarts to Mrs. Thornburg and Carolyn for 40¢ a quart.  I also put three plastic quart containers full in the freezer.  In a little bit I will go out and pick some more.

Grandma showed me how to fix the bags of mothballs for the cherry trees.  I fixed up 10 bags and put five in our tree and five in Beers.  The cherries are turning red now and will be ready to be picked probably tomorrow or the next day.

Something happened to Vicky Baker and she couldn't deliver papers yesterday.  Instead Debbie and Jerry and Kim Murphy did Serena's route.  I had to tell them where half of the people lived and they still goofed up a few.  For instance they delivered to the wrong Faris house and I had to straighten that one out.  Also I forgot to write Garrison on the list they took so they didn't do them.  Phyllis got missed somehow, too.  The only thing I know that Kevin did wrong was to leave Irwin's at the wrong house.  I hope things go better tonight.

Elaine came in last night and we exchanged clothes again.  She forgot and also sent the cookie box back with Bill and Al so I hope you didn't want it too badly.  It was little and round and kind of orangish.

I was thinking that while you all were gone I would get all kinds of things done like reading my books and doing math.  But so far I haven't even had time to look at the books.

Mrs. Davis (Mabel O.) called this morning and said that from now on she wants her paper left at the Funeral Home so that makes one less paper for John.  Mrs. Creed also called this morning and asked if we would start leaving her one.  That makes an addition of two on my route.

I got your post card last night and Grandma also got a postcard and a letter from Roberta.  I think Grandma is planning to send you some News-Journals this evening.  I gave Phyllis the telephone number.


P.S.  Wilma was just here and said to tell you she survived her surgery but is still puffy.  She said in another ten years she may have them all out.

Note added on separate paper (obviously I am related to Roberta):
P.S. I want that job at Lakeside EXTRA BAD!
Sorry about the English but I hope you get the point.  I don't care if the job is sweeping the streets as long as I get a day off occasionally.  ––Cath

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