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1967 Catherine's Letter -June 12

June 12, 1967
1:00 P.M.

Dear Mother, Daddy, Roberta, Serena, John, Mary, etc.

Hi!  I hardly know where to start so much has happened since you all left.  First of all I am enclosing a letter to Roberta which I was planning to forward on but I opened it by mistake.  (Honest!)

We had a great time at Coney Island on Saturday.  Alice, Tom Mitchell, and I waited in line 40 minutes to ride the Shooting Star four times.  It was rather crowded with three in the seat but none of us fell out.  We got enough free tickets for eight rides and took about all afternoon.  I got home about 8:00 and left almost immediately to babysit.

Considering I made the brownies at 3 in the morning they tasted pretty good.

Yesterday was really a long and full day.  Elaine, Bill, and Al came after church.  You would hardly believe all the places we went yesterday.  We started out at Fort Hill where we ate lunch and climbed to the top, of course.  From there we went to Pike Lake were we hoped to rent a boat, but they were already all out.  John, do you remember that grapevine that we swung on when we were there?  We looked for it yesterday, but we never found it.  After Pike Lake we drove over to the seven caves but when we found it was going to cost $5 we left quite abruptly.  I was letting Elaine guide us back to New Vienna, but she got confused in Hillsboro and has us headed toward Ripley.  Luckily, Al started driving then and he knew the correct way.

We ate dinner (and I mean dinner) at the Harners.  I then put on one of Elaine's dresses and we all went to the show in Wilmington.  We saw some cowboy and indian show and then "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."  It was just as good the second time as it was the first, if not better.

I don't know what time the boys got home because they didn't leave here until late.  Mother, I hope you don't have any immediate use for the half-gallon thermos (the ichy feeling one) because Elaine and I made some coffee for them to take with them.  Bill had a polaroid swinger which he had gotten for graduation so I do have a picture of Al and me.  Maybe the thermos will serve as an extra incentive for them to come down again.  Mother, it just must be that new toothpaste!

As soon as they had gotten out the door practically I left for Alices's  I got there just in time for the pizza which was yummy.  Nancy and Donna were also there.  I guess Nancy's Aunt Byrd (sp?)  is awfully sick.  Alice leaves tomorrow for New York.  I got all her addresses so I thought I might write her a letter or two.

This morning I got my stock certificate for Upjohn.  I also got a letter and a picture from Denise in Australia.  In addition I got a letter from you all know who in NJ.

Right now I better get to work.  There is a pile of dishes (part of which are yours) waiting to be washed, not to mention the strawberries which haven't been touched for the last two days.

I hope you all are having fun.  If the weather is like it is here the water should certainly be nice.  I hope you haven't put the golf course out of business yet.

Love from your
beautiful, talented, and
charming daughter
and sister, (Ha!)

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