Tuesday, March 08, 2016

1966 Jean's NYC postcard -Mar.6

Springfield [Pennsylvania] Manor Motel postcard -mailed 1966  Captioned: Located just 1500 ft. west of Exit 1, Interstate 90, on Route 20 at 6N.  Eight ultra-modern units. Open all year-round.  F.A. Stohlman, Owner. West Springfield, Pa.
1966 Jean's NYC postcard -Mar.6 (Springfield Manor Motel, caption is x'd out as mailed from NYC)

[March 6, 1966]
New York
Got here about 9:30.  Arrived at Columbus airport to find time 45 minutes off on our ticket & plane was almost in.  Might have landed at Philadelphia or Boston & would have had to take train or wait because of fog.  Mist but no rain.  Planned to call you from Columbus but no time.  Thinking of you all often.  Picked up your watch, C.  

Love, Mother & Daddy

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