Wednesday, March 02, 2016

1956 Serena's Schedule -Mar.3 +details on Catherine & Roberta

We can assume these instructions were left when HH & Jean went to New York City for the toy show.  Possibly Miss Lettie (Kibler, 1893-1976?) was the caregiver left in charge.

Serena's Schedule (13 1/2 mo.)

7:30 ––

  • Gets up
  • Breakfast – Warm 1 Bottle, Make Cereal out of about 1/2 cup prepared baby cereal + 1/3 - 1/2 bottle.  Give rest of bottle to her in play pen – she'll hold bottle herself
10:00 or 10:15 –– Let crawl on floor

10:30 –– Nap

12:00  –– Lunch
  • Try some milk in cup or green plastic glass
  • Give her what rest are having unless unsuitable – baby food in cupboard
  • Finish with bottle in play pen.
2:30 –– Nap usually til about 3:30.
  • Once in awhile she (or you) may prefer just an afternoon nap which follows lunch & she should sleep a good 2 hours.  Plan pen til fussy – then out to crawl
5 –– or 6 ––  Supper followed by bottle

7 - 7:30 to bed –– with double diaper

Make this as flexible as you wish for she has learned to adjust to various schedules.  Catherine or Roberta know where most everything is & will be glad to help you.

[top few lines on second page mostly indecipherable 

. . . . Roberta . . . Rice Krispies or Cocoa (or Dot cereal) . . . . morning.  Roberta never talked much til last spring so you may have difficulty understanding her at times but tell her to talk slowly, or repeat – she gets pretty tired in the afternoon . . . . but if she naps won't go to sleep very early at night.  Use your own judgement but shouldn't be too late in going to bed.  Separate beds is the quickest way to get them to sleep the fastest.

Catherine should be ready for bed at 7:15 (bath over) and in bed at 7:30 for she's the early riser.  (She shouldn't get up before 7:00)

On Friday & Saturday nights they may stay up til 8:30.  Catherine isn't a very good eater but seems to be going thru that stage – she likes soup, sandwiches, chocolate milk, eggnog, ?? & she's good at giving supper suggestions.  Anytime you need anything at the store she can go.  Roberta can go to the Dot Store for she doesn't have to cross any streets.

Catherine should leave for school by ?? and should be home by 3:45.  Takes $1.35 to school on Monday for school lunch & milk for the week.


Mary Crowson said...

So Catherine was allowed to walk downtown by herself at 7? What/where was "the Dot"? Roberta still talks fast and Catherine, did you like meat as a child?

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

I think the Dot store was (or became) the meat locker which was next to or near what is now Stephanie's Restaurant and would have been on the same side of the street as where we then lived. I do remember walking to school from there which was "much" further than the new house. Dianne Burton and I often walked together, plus everyone else also walked so there would be troops of kids walking to and from school.

As for meat, I don't remember disliking it but I was picky! I liked meatloaf, tuna casserole, chipped beef on toast, and pork chops in mushroom sauce. I did NOT like ham, which often seemed to last for weeks in multi-variations.

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