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1976 Roberta's India Letter to GHU & Hortons -Mar.10

March 10, 1976
Dear Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary & Rob,

Here it is 2 days before my "scheduled" departure and I find an aerogram addressed to my family – so hope you don't mind the mess on the front! [New Vienna addressed crossed out, Hortons address written in BOLD print in empty spaces.]

I had a most interesting time in Kabul, Afghanistan – so glad that I made the trip there!  After being there Indian women seem very "liberated" – at least they are out & about!  There a woman (i.e. myself) out on the street alone almost needs police protection.  Jim (one of the P.C. guys) got use of a car while I was there & we drove around a good deal – out into small villages.  Quite an education – at 1st thought Kabul to be a backwards city – but after seeing the suburbs, changed my mind quick!

Getting to Kabul was in itself something.  Let me tell you the questions they ask as you enter into Pakistan –– "What do you think of Urban Renewal?"  "Should the U.S. give support to New York City?"  I nearly fell over – sure weren't expecting these questions – it felt like a current events class!

I did splurge & flew back – but you will have a hard time to believe this – Jim bargained the price down at the Airlines office to $100.00!  In Afg. you bargain for everything – that was still alot of $ but worth it to me – got to spend more time there plus bought alot of stuff there – the biggest item being an original Afghan coat – do you know what I mean?  Brown leather w/ embroidery on it – lining thick & hairy!  Well – you'll have to see it!  I also got some leather billfolds, etc. – and a pair of Afghan pants – that took ? meters of material. (Now – I have gained weight but not THAT much!)

I'm now back in Bombay – took my last Indian Train ride from Delhi to here – just 30 hours – took the fast train!  Bombay is such a nice city – it's been such a good feeling to know that I could always come back o Bombay during my travels in India.  I only wish you all could meet the Jhangiana Family & Banerjee.  He has such neat sayings – like Man makes the money – Money doesn't make a man!

I got your letter – Thanks – enjoyed your "note" Grandma.  I plan to work at Hudson Guild again this summer – but as driver of the bus – not going to get stuck in the dining room!  J.B. & I will have a good summer –

What's the latest w/ George – your neighborhood!  Next time I see you we'll play cards – India has been good for me in alot of ways!

Love, Berta

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