Sunday, March 20, 2016

1966 Catherine's Letter -Mar.13

[Mailed to Hotel Taft, NYC]

Sunday, Marcy 13, 1966

Dear Mother and Daddy,

Hi!  I hope you all are having lovely weather in Puerto Rico, because the weather here has been everything but pleasant.  Yesterday it poured down rain all day.  John and Kevin were bored because they couldn't go outside to play kickball.  Roberta was (and still is for that matter, she went to Sunday School anyhow) sick so you can guess who ended up delivering papers.

Mr. Myers (my newest paper customer) told me that he delivered the News-Journal for 13 years.  That sounds almost impossible to me.

So far we have received four postcards from you.  One came on Thursday, and the other three came on Saturday.

Mrs. Smith got Donnie Achor's mother to go with her to Cincinnati.

Last night Holly and I went to see "The Prisoner."  It was pretty good but you had to think about it alot to understand it.  It only lasted 45 minutes.

In the bulletin this morning it said that the high school chorus is to sing at the Leesburg Methodist Church next Sunday.  Actually they are going to sing at the Church of Christ in Lees Creek.

Whenever we ask Mary Virginia where you guys have gone she says "Cago," and then she gives her own special interpretation of an airplane.

There were 171 at Sunday School with an offering of $39.03.  The Redeemers had the largest attendance of 23 and also the largest offering of $9.00.  How is that for a secretaries report?

The only reason Roberta went to church was because this was her 52nd consecutive Sunday.  She hasn't got her pin yet, though because she hasn't told Mr. Fisher.

Well, I better be signing off now, my program comes on pretty soon.  I hope the weather has been good for swimming.


P.S. John started a letter to you the other day but I guess he got disgusted and tore it up.  He says to be sure and bring him something.

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