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1996 Family Letter -Mar.22

March 22, 1996

Dear Family:

Getting the enclosed respective letters from Mary Virginia and John has given us motivation for getting a letter off to each of you.  In fact, you may know for sure that we have "gone off our rocker" in getting the house air conditioned, after thirty-nine years.  Of course, with snow on the ground we have no reason to try it out yet.

John called us today and said Monday, as of now is the day for the delivery.  They have tentatively set 2 P.M. as the time.  All of our prayers need to be with them.  This experience gives us a new appreciation for normalcy.  Speaking of experiences it was on the news tonight about the couple who had six children in one delivery.

We had lunch with the Sankers in the Cincinnati area last Sunday.  Bill is still "hep" on old cars.  Would have loved to have had Serena meet us, but we have not had any response to the phone messages left on her number.  As they say, "no news is good news."

The Crowsons treated us royally in Somerset three weekends ago.  Don has started a new Sunday School class, which has all ages.  The only printed material that he uses is the Bible.  All of you would be proud to see their flower and garden activity.

Roberta and Sid had a great long weekend in San Antonio, especially with multi visits to the SAS shoe factory outlet store.  The fact that they had new styles at such low prices was a wonderful combination.

Catherine is very regular in calling us early on Wednesday morning, tho we must confess that sometimes we are not too wide awake at 7 A.M., With Spring here we are stirring by 6:30.  Wendy and her Mother are still on their vegetable diet.  Wendy is doing well in college – we'd like to read the papers which she has been handing in.  She has also been doing alot of walking.

Surprised to read in the Wall Street Journal (on the front page at that) about the stadium issue that Cincinnati had before the voters.  It did pass.  They hope the business it brings will help pay for it.

New people are fixing up the Harry Allen property and plan to move there soon.  Their son and his family have been living in the area for quite a few years.  Their daughter-in-law is the librarian at Sabina School – real nice couple.  The parents had lived in Florida but wanted a change in climates and had been renting property here for awhile.

We are getting ready for the Guest Banquet of the UMW which will be April 9.  We used to call it the Mother-Daughter Banquet but got some flack about that as being limiting.  Wish that one of you were around here for me to invite.  If Roberta would be a month earlier, she could be my guest.

Appreciate all of you keeping in touch (Hint, hint to Serena, please !!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Mary Crowson said...

Can anyone else pick up the tone/change in writer mid-letter from HHU to Jean???

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