Friday, March 18, 2016

1966 Wilma's Letter to HH & Jean -Mar.12

Saturday [March 12, 1966]
Dear Folks,

Does this paper look familiar?  All that I could find you know.  It has rained all day and the boys are really bored because they couldn't go outside and play kickball.

Sunday –
As you can see I didn't get much done yesterday on this letter.  Had a real nice day today and enjoyed the show very much for the third time.  We stopped at the Mainliner on the way home but it was so crowded we didn't get out.  We stopped at the Milford shopping center and it was full up also so we just came home.  I suppose Sheffield's got a good business this evening.

I think Roberta feels a little better this evening but still isn't too bright.  She has a terrible cold and can't seem to keep anything down.  All this good cooking and she has to miss it – isn't that a shame.  I made my famous spaghetti yesterday and we have enough to last the rest of the year.

I really can't think of any news that has happened the past week.  Catherine and Holly went to the play last night at the college.  They said it was different.

The weather has been real warm but has rained alot.  They tried to talk me into letting them sleep out in the tent Friday night – I think they would have been quite wet if they had.

Hope you had a good time soaking up all the sunshine you could in Puerto Rico.  Will be anxous to hear all about it.  Sounds like you are getting the whole family to go to New York.

Everyone wanted to know how Virginia got her wrist broken and if she did it while in New York.  Glad you got to see "Hello Dolly."

Made some butterscotch brownies this evening for Girls Scouts tomorrow.  Hope to have enough to go around.  I didn't realize that there would be 12 or more.  Will fill in with some Girl Scout cookies if I need them.


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