Thursday, March 24, 2016

1986? GHU letter to John -Mar.18

Though I had originally guessed that this letter from Grandma was written in 1986, further research on the date indicates that if Cris was to arrive for Easter on Apr. 3, then the letter was probably not written in 1986 when Easter was on March 30.  Instead it most likely was written either in 1980 when Easter was on April 6, or in 1985, when Easter was on April 7.

The notecard, illustrated by Joe, is captioned: "Lantern" Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  J.U. Horton 1979

March 18 – 
Dear John & X

Your letter rec'd.  This will be the 3rd date I have made to get home.  I first said Mar. 29 then the folks had plans so I changed to Apr. 2nd so after reading your letter called the airport and canceled that date.

Now I will be glad to return north with you on Apr. 4th.  The family will be glad to have you come.  Cris is to arrive for Easter coming in Apr 3 I believe so we will have a little visit with him.

The Arabia trip that the folks were planning has been with called as the planes are now not accepting any one except wives and children as others are not allowed to enter.

Hope to see you March 30th.  Now take care & have a safe trip.

My paying for the return trip still holds good.

With love

Grandma U.

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