Wednesday, March 30, 2016

1976 Catherine's Letter -Mar.31

Wed. March 31, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta and Mary,

This is the morning I go bowling but I think I'll have time to  write you all a short letter so I can mail it on my way.

I got your letter which included the marriage laws yesterday.  I think you're right about it being simpler to get married in Maine.  However I certainly don't want you people to make a special trip here.  Especially since we are coming to NV right after that.  We're just having as simple a ceremony as possible which probably means no relatives.  If it would make you feel better we can have another ceremony in Ohio so that you can be there.

The book also arrived yesterday.  Glad I could be of some service.

I plan to contact John soon to see if we can get together sometime soon. I'll be looking forward to seeing you all the end of May.

Tell Grandma hello for me as I understand she is back home.  You can tell her I've been keeping busy darning socks.

I hope you get (got) the package I mailed to you.  I may also be sending you some of my winter clothes.  I won't be needing them in San Diego but I might want them later if we move to a cooler climate.  It depends on how much space we have to take things in.


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