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1976 Roberta's India Letter -Mar.13

March 13, 1976
Dear Family,

It was nice talking to you this afternoon (morning for you all).  I didn't feel it necessary to call (since I telegrammed) but Banerjee thought to make sure.  I wish the connection had been better there was more I would have like to have said – and explained better.

As I tried to explain – I'm in perfect health now – just making up for the time I was sick in December.

Now – I'll either be flying on the 22nd or 23rd – thus arriving in Columbus either the 23rd or 24th flight 151 – about 8:30 pm.  Hope this is convenient for you all.  In India you don't make plane reservations w/ the ease & speed that you can make them in other parts of the world!

We may be going to Bhopal –(North) – today Banerjee is in Poona.  We were going to make the train ride as before – then company decided to fly him so I decided just to stay here in Bombay.  Spent today w/ Mehtas.  Nice family – especially the daughter-in-law – 19 years old.  Speaks little English.

Hope this reaches you – I'll wait till we can talk IN PERSON for telling you other things – still playing cards ––

Hope my change of plans have not upset anyting.  JB – I'll be home – not going to miss you – we have to talk about Dream Farm.



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