Monday, March 28, 2016

1956 CJU letter about NV house -March

CJ's thoughts about a new house in New Vienna . . . .  Based on the mention of "next Monday April 2" this was written the week of March 25, 1956.  Some punctuation has been added.

if I was doing it for myself – 3 Bed R., D.R., Den, Kitchen, L.R. and plenty of closet space.  1-Bath direct off kitchen and 1 or 2 for bedrooms. Bed room section 27 x 36 and the living room den and D.R. and kitchen 30 x 48.  2 car garage under house with laundry and play room.  Garage doors to be 9' wide instead of 8.

Would have to take elevations before definite plans are completed.  Might be able to build all on one level and believe I would prefer that and above all I do want you to have a luxury home and with all convenience and everything good quality.

I guess Mom wrote you about our plans on arriving home.  You send the mail up to and including next Monday April 2.  After that hold everything.  Should arrive home Tuesday forenoon around 9 AM.


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Mary Crowson said...

Is this the entire letter? Sounds as if there was more previous?

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