Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1956 Serena's Baptism -Mar.25

New Vienna Methodist Church Bulletin
Palm Sunday, March 25, 1956
Marvin G. Schamaun, Pastor

Names mentioned in addition to Rev. Schamaun include:
  • Mrs. Henry Waits, Organist
  • Those receiving Christian Baptism:  Roderich Strupper, Donna Strupper, Serena Uible, Susan Ridgeway, John Franklin Custis, Franklin Wester Jr., Barbara Ann Mitchell, Daniel Woods, Carol Salisbury, Ronald Salisbury, John Salisbury, William Timothy Penn, Mary Rosalie Ridgway, Leon Salisbury, Esther Salisbury, Robert Salisbury, Thomas Salisbury, Charles Salisbury, and Rosemary Burton.
  • Joe Rambo, janitor.
  • Nominating Committee: Everett Penn, Joe Eaton and R.W. Mongold
Attendance Goal for Easter – 275.

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