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1975 GHU Letter -Apr. 4

Fri. evening
[April 4, 1975]
Dear Family -

Hope my coming home plans will meet with your approval.  Mary phoned in this afternoon to make a reservation for the 26th but no seat except 1st class & since they cost $26 more I am not about to pay that amount unless necessary.  So I am to leave on Sun. the 27th for Cin. 3:48 P.M. flight No. 842 arriving in Cin at 7:12 P.M. from Ft. Lau. at 3:48 that is making good time.  Price is 88.37  (or.31) the same as I paid coming down.  The only cheaper price is given on excursions which must be for round trips of 3 days.

Sorry to hear of Mrs. Phillips illness but after a certain age we can expect to leave this world. [Nancy Johnson Phillips died April 14, 1975 at age of 96.  Her husband Harley died in 1960 at age of 80.]

We had steaks & baked potatoes ice cream & cake for Marianne's Birthday this evening.  Then she & Larry & her parents went to the Ice Follies at the auditorium.  Roberta & I are baby sitting.  They wanted us to go but R. was not interested & I think I have seen the program.  Glad I didn't decide to go for it is much cooler today & that place can be cold.  So we are baby sitting with Rob. being asleep.

We went to Mary's Circle meeting Thurs. forenoon.  Marianne & I knew the hostess & since it was a Take & Talk program we went as a 4 generation group.  Many things taken were interesting.  Mare- & baby came home early but he was a good little soul.  We had the 3 guests Wed. evening.  Bill invited the 3 office girls to see the baby & for supper.  When they came there were 2 children & a grandmother.

Before Cris left Mon. he wanted to go gather some strawberries to take to the folks he stays with so Mary, Rob.- & myself went with him.  I remained in the car & they gathered 9 qts.  Larna helped them for she & Cris were about to leave.  When we arrived Cris took 4 qts with him Tues. he phoned saying they were having a big snow & he had arrived safely also he received notice of being sent to ? – a suburb of Detroit for another training period.  This time in connection of parts for trucks.  He had become very much interested in farm life where he lived.

Mary bought herself a 3 hear bike to-day (on sale) & Larry put it together for her.  Hope she enjoys riding it.  Roberta gave me a very pretty (3 blooms) Lily for Easter & we had colored eggs & Robbie gave me a plant enclosed in glass which is pretty.  Our baby is a very good little fellow.

Love, Mother      

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