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1965 John's Letter -Apr. 16 +Clippings

1965 CJU & GHU Auto Accident 
Wilmington News-Journal 20Apr1965
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Uible of New Vienna who were injured in a one car auto accident near Dry Ridge, KY., Thursday morning [April 15, 1965] are reported to be in good condition at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Covington, Ky.  They are expected to return to the home of their son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible, later this week.

I hope you can come back soon.  
I will help you when you get home.  
We are sad you are in the hospital.
We hope your noses feel better and Granddaddys arm.
Love, John

Good Friday
1965, April 16

1965 CJU & GHU Auto Accident
Wilmington News Journal 27Apr1965

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Uible returned to their home the latter part of the week from a Covington hospital following a car accident on their way home from Florida, April 15.  Their granddaughter Catherine Uible and Mrs. Ernest Wilson are assisting in the home.


Mary Crowson said...

Covington for the hospital---was probably a 30-45+ minute ride minimum from the scene of the accident. Makes you wonder why they were transported there unless it was an attempt to get them closer to home. Was the car totalled?

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Dad reports the accident did not total the car, which went off the pavement on the right side, then an over-correction caused the car to go through the median and off the road on the southbound side. The accident happened south of Dry Ridge. Perhaps the ambulance took them to the hospital closer to Cincinnati or that was standard procedure.

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