Wednesday, April 08, 2015

1975 Roberta's Postcard -Apr. 3 & 1965 Envelope

This envelope indicates Roberta wrote a letter from Barnesville in April 1965.
Unfortunately the contents of the envelope have not yet emerged from the
complex filing system of family communication.  

Miami Florida Postcard mailed 1975.  Captioned: Aerial View of new Dodge Island Seaport, home of the cruise fleet, tropical Miami.

[postmarked 3 Apr 1975]
Hi!  Right now I'm in Burdines in their "training" – it's a good "review" for me!

This week at UPS we are all busy learning our streets and sequence orders.  And what a job that is!  This Saturday we start on the belt – and you should see those packages coming down the belt!

Back to being a "small" family again –  [Love, Berta]

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