Saturday, April 25, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter -Apr.19

Dear Folks,

I've got the T.V. on – watching Dallas while my speech-writer, Sid, is working on my mission talk Sunday.  Just wish he could give it for me!

Yesterday was the day I was to be a witness for the state concerning the break-in at one of S.V.'s houses in January – 1982.  To make a long story short – I went down sat there for apx 1½ hours beside a couple & when the case came up it was dismissed – but I was sitting right beside the young man (& his girl-friend).  In fact I had been talking w/the girl concerning Chicken Scratch – embroidery on gingham cloth.  I never let on what case I was there for – in fact stayed an additional 5 minutes after the case was dismissed & the young couple walked out!

Mary Virginia called us Tuesday nite – I'm sorry if we upsetting their travel plans – but it would be great for me to get up to Washington to visit Morgans.

This summer is going to be packed – Sara & Jonathan are coming for 2-3 weeks in August.  Also looks like Cynthia will be coming in August.  Lots of opportunities to use up Camp/Vacation time!

Tomorrow we are going hiking w/Roberta & Catherine Reed – they have called us twice w/ ideas of what we could do.  Wendy Jean called tonight to ask about a craft project & we told her we were going hiking w/ Roberta & Catherine & Wendy Jean came back with – "We never hiked when she was here."  – So we said "Next Time."  I might add it was very difficult to get her to walk – while at the zoo.

We are going to see the movie Amadeus Monday. (Sr. – for free.  I've never seen it.  Last week Sid & I saw Lost in American – about a couple who quit their jobs & travel around the US in a motor home.  I'd love to do that – for about a month!  Then I'd want to get back to work, shopping – etc!  I don't think I'd recommend Lost in America – we saw it on the $ day – a great bargain compared to the usual $5 per person!  Of course better yet are the free coupons where Sr. Village goes to the movies!

We had a news letter mtg this afternoon – after not publishing for 2 months – it will take even more push to get the residents moving!

Now popcorn time – so I better close –


enclosing some pictures of "Little Catherine." 

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