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1975 Catherine Letter -Apr. 14

April 14, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well today was a big day.  I had two wisdom teeth pulled and ever since I found out they were going to be pulled everybody had been telling me horrible stories about when they had theirs pulled.  It was rather anticlimactic - it is now five hours later and I haven't suffered any afteraffects [sic] yet anyway.  Did you mention that John was going to have some pulled?

Our house is coming along real well.  The interior wiring is all done and most of the insulation is up.  X has found himself a good helper who he doesn't have to pay too much and he works hard!  Next they are going to put up the sheetrock.  I have been putting in hours at Stop & Go and I am also beginning to pack up some things around here and throw out alot of stuff which isn't worth moving.  We still have some things boxed up from when we moved out here to Maine two yeas ago.  I guess it's good to move occasionally just to get rid of unnecessary items.

Spring seems to be finally arriving here.  There is still snow that isn't melted in spots where the sun doesn't shine too directly but the crocuses have begun coming up and the grass on the east side of the house is beginning to get green – in another couple weeks we should begin to see some leaves on the trees.

Next Monday is a holiday here - Patriot's Day (celebrated only in Maine & Massachusetts) so the library is closed and we will have a long weekend.  After that it won't be long until Memorial Day and summer will be here.

The library addition is also progressing but still in theory only.  The architect is supposed to be finished this week with one part of the plans and completely finished within the next few weeks and then it will be put out to bid.  We are still not certain whether we will be taking our vacation before the major construction or after.  Alot depends on how our house come along.

Just called John since we hadn't heard much from him - in fact nothing - and vice-versa.  He said he'd been wondering whether we really wanted the girl scout cookies which he had brought back with him or whether he should go ahead and eat them.  Said he didn't want to have to eat the whole two boxes on his last night in Exeter in case he hadn't seen us by them.

I bought a Timex watch for $12 at Ames.  I found I needed it to keep track of the time since I don't have too much time between working at Stop & Go in the mornings, getting home for a quick lunch and then getting to the library by 1:00.

That was an interesting article you sent us on the yellow watermelon.  We figure this year we will plant tomatoes, corn, and green beans as we don't have too much time or much of a garden plot.

Sorry I haven't been more prompt in answering your letters.

Catherine & X        

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