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1975 John's Letter -Apr.20

Sunday, April 20, 1975
Dear Family,

I was very surprised to receive a parcel this week and even more surprised to see a calculator inside.  I had no idea that you were going to send me Bert's calculator.  I am glad to have it though, especially since we have just started trigonometry in Math and need to compute many decimals.

Tennis began last week and it is really fun!  At first they demonstrated the proper way to hold the racket and stance.  Then they went on to demonstrate the forehand and backhand shots.  Since then we have begun to play these little games with three of us in a group.  One person hits the tennis balls while another bounces them from the net and the third chases the balls.  All three rotate around while the three instructors walk around and show us what we are doing wrong.  I always wanted to learn how to play tennis.  If you people have not ordered from that Christmas gift catalog, you might think about ordering that tennis racket since I won't be able to bring mine home for the summer.

I am anxious to see all the college catalogs when I come home.  The college news has really been buzzing around campus since this was the week for college acceptances.  Some people were happy, but many unhappy when they did not make it into Harvard, Yale, ect., [sic] I have another appointment with the College Placement director on April 28th.  I would like to take the SAT's again in June (the 28th) at Wilmington College.  I'll know more after meeting with him.

At the present time, I am trying to decide what I will take for my fourth course next fall.  It will either be an Anthropology (Latin American culture), Music, Religion or History.  I will receive my first grades for the semester this week (and you people soon after) which may help me decide.  After taking three tough, Reading and Writing, courses this semester, I am choosing my last course cautiously.  I want to have more time next year for my activities which I am interested in, especially new ones.

I never expected the weather to be so fantastic, as it has been the past two weeks.  Sun every day with temperature 50º and even 60º recently.  It is just like New Vienna which makes me very happy.  Cathy called the other evening.  I wish I had the time to go up to Sanford for the weekend, may but still I hope they can make it to Exeter sometime if only to pick up Mary Va's cookies.  Mary Virginia, you will have to write and tell them to pick them up.

Thank you for your letter.  I received a letter from Bert the same day so I am writing her back now also.  I found it easier to stay awake when the letter you wrote was addressed to me and the Halls only. (just kidding)  I was interested in who made the Honor Society.  Always wondered if I would make it.  I knew I wasn't smart enough.

Pleasant thoughts have been passing through my mind about summer.  I am anxious to do things like: a canoe trip on the Little Miami, Kings Island, seeing friends again and especially traveling.  I also want to read and so some work, that is if you people can find any for me to do.

I got my Reporter-At-Large back Friday.  My English teacher found it very interesting but said it might have been better to concentrate on one individual.  However, he said I did a good job of describing the "family spirit."  (Esprit de la famille)

It has been another enjoyable, yet very busy week, but you know I am most happy when I am busy.  Besides being holy week, I attended two music recitals and a dramatic production.  I not only enjoy the entertainment, but also like to get my mind off all the school work.  I am just amazed at all the talented people who attend the Academy.

You may have read or heard about President Ford being in New Hampshire on Friday.  I listened to both of his speeches from Concord.  The "Freedom Train" was also in New Hampshire this week.  I don't know if you are keeping track of it, but it spent two days in Manchester.  You know it left Philadelphia for Albany, N.Y. on April 2nd.  I heard where it was to go to Portland, Maine for two days before leaving New England.

I often envy you people on Sundays or even other times when you get to go out and eat.  But I will not envy you people on Sunday evening the 27th of April.  The dorm is going to the Exeter Inn for their Sunday evening brunch buffet.  People have said that the food is just fantastic.  I have not even stepped inside the Inn since you people did a year ago February.

I hope the Youth Crusade is going well right now and sorry I can't attend.  You know I am always thinking of all of you and hope to see you in about five weeks.  I do hope your weather in Ohio is as nice as here in New England.

Prudently yours,

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