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1975 Roberta Letter -Apr. 11

April 11, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Sitting here watching the reruns on T.V. – except they aren't reruns to me!

I'm enjoying my added free time now that I'm not working any through the week.  This morning I went out and laid out for about an hour – got to watch it – that Florida sun is powerful!

Mary Virginia – I enjoyed your mini note – you get right to the point – I'm glad the robe fit you – you must be growing – I was afraid it would be way too long!

I'm really getting into my death & dying course.  Today I read alot in "The American Way of Death." –– it's really down on the funeral home business.  As my prof. says – most people go in the 'hole'  paying for it all!

Did yo know that in 1960 more $ was spent w/funerals in the United States than for ALL higher education.  – tuition, books & living expense for 3.6 million students in colleges & grad. schools.

Americans spend more on funerals than they do for police protection.  Maybe I'm in the wrong field after all!  Ho-Hum.

No – the book said now the field is over-crowded – so they have to make more on each funeral.  The book is very interesting – can't understand why the people around here don't want to read or discuss it.  Ho-Hum.

Was nice talking to you all Wednesday P.M. – had to let you all in on the good news – that I quit UPS – that is some place to work!  It seemed like such a great deal at first!  Now I really enjoy sleeping in till 7:00 or 8:00!

I had a letter from Vanessa this past week.  Guess her unemployment has run out – so she is out looking for a job now.

Do you still have the 2nd shift on Donna's side?  Do you think you could use 1 more on it or the day shift?  I'm interested in a job for myself – not Vanessa!   

Yesterday I ordered my cap & gown for graduation.  Just over _2  months away –

What is J.B. going to be up to this summer?  I'm glad Serena got her job back at Lakeside.  I remember last year when she called home & was ready to quit – going to go to Cleveland to get a job.

We enjoyed your letter today – Mom & Dad –– also the articles.

On the one page – they were all good – on helping the victims of crime, raising children via help from telephone & exercise.

Aunt Mary has got a nice bike – but the seat is so low I can hardly ride it.

Is it true that Gold Coin is in the red – seems they ought to be smarter than that!

Sounds like the Church had a nice Mother & Daughter banquet – alot of people there outside of the church.

Mary Virginia – what kind of cooking will you be doing in 4-H?  This summer you can be my personal cook.  Do you use the miracle oven alot?  Who are your leaders in the bike club?

Wednesday at Sabal [?] Palm one of the boys – on the other side of the campus started a fire.  But it was out before the fire alarm even got started.  Did I tell you that about 2 months ago they ad a boy hang himself there?

I forget how much I've told you about the place – but there are about 80 kids there.  They range in age from 8 to 17 years old.  Most of the kids there got there because they either broke the law – or were on probation and broke it, or their parents couldn't handle them so they put them there.  The kids in my opinion learn very little there – they seem to enjoy art class and industrial arts – but that's about it.  It's all done on self-teach methods in the classes – SRA type deals in every subject.

They have prisoners working on the school ground.  There are guards and everything there.  Mary Virginia – when you come down – I'll take you out there.  Their school will be out June 5th – but they live right there too.

I better close – hope you are planting some asparagus Dad.  It's just recently gotten down w/in my price range here – 69¢ a pound.  The grapefruit season is about over here.

We might eat out at Patricia Murphy's – there below Boca Raton – on the way to taking G'ma to the airport.  I thought that would be a nice place for all of us.


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