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1985 Family Letter -Apr. 7

Easter Sunday
April 7, 1985
Dearest Family,

We would have really liked having you all with us today but that is not always possible.  Grandma was here as was Mie Young and Mary Virginia and a friend of hers, the choir director at Port William church.  Mie Young had asked to bring a girlfriend who was going to be staying at the college as she had to work but she got cold feet about coming as she didn't know us so we sent her dinner back with Mie Young.

It was really nasty weather raining before sunrise services but Grandma still went.  This turned to snow and sleet and eventually the sun came out.  The church was well filled for the worship service at 10:30 – some people there we hadn't seen for years – the whole Rupp family and all the Jim Curtis family – Jonda McGraw's baby boy was baptized.  There has been alot of sickness in both families (Mrs. Rupp and the whole Curtis tribe)

All the services were well attended from Maundy Thursday communion on.  I did go to Wilmington's Good Friday services instead of New Vienna as Mary Va. and Mie Young were singing with the Wilmington College Chamber Singers there.  Our church's new Sunday School class put on a program Friday night and it was very well done – Young Adults which was sorely needed.

Glad to hear that Wendy is enjoying her visit with the Kings.  We were amazed to hear of homesickness last Monday until she said "April Fool" – she sounded like she really meant it so put on a good act.  Sounds like the pool is making quite a hit with her as well as her new little friends "Catherine and Roberta" – quite a coincidence.  Guess that the Easter bunny found her in Phoenix.

Dad has quite a few things planted in the garden already and the wet weather is helping the peas, etc.  Wish that we could share some of the moisture with the Floridians as they need it so badly.

Sorry to hear about the break-in at the Hortons just the evening after Grandma's departure.  It was within a few days to the year of the break-in while we a.  Got Aunt Mary [her typewriter? don't think this was the break-in in which she was tied up and Uncle Bill was injured as that was a different year and according to the following sentence they weren't home], typewriter, their camera, bedroom TV, money and more things.  But they (Hortons) took off last week for Cris and Angela's for the Easter weekend and family gathering plus the Augusta golf tournament.

Yes, we did have a great trip to Mexico -- another happy experience with Elderhostel . . . . and the weather was great.  We would not go out of our way to go to Cancun again, for too touristy.  Our two week stay in Oaxaca was in a hotel right on the square . . . with the state capitol across the street from us.

[Love, etc.]


Mary Crowson said...

Lots of interesting news and curiously all appears to be penned by Mother---unless Dad added a handwritten note on them. I don't remember really Sunrise Services in New Vienna--were they held in the sanctuary with a breakfast after?

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Yes, I remember the sunrise services being upstairs with breakfast after in the basement. But never actually at sunrise – more like 7 or 8am. Probably had to give the farmers time to get the cows milked. Breakfast was mostly lots of sweet rolls and coffee cakes with maybe an egg casserole or two. Didn't change to our Easter clothes until AFTER breakfast.

I think the last paragraph about the trip to Mexico may have been written by Dad.

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