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1985 Catherine's Letter - Apr.1

April 1, 1985

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  I thought this card would make an appropriate anniversary greeting, so Happy Anniversary!

This is the first "calm" day I've had in weeks, now that we are more or less settled into our new house and Wendy is off to Arizona.  It's nice not to have to run around and do 100 things on my day off.

We got your note and the check for Wendy's jump rope for heart today.  Thanks.  Glad to hear that Grandma made it safely back to Ohio.  Hope your spring weather is lasting.  We had several days of snow last week but the last couple days have been a little warmer.  It's a very windy 50º today and I have three loads of clothes hanging outside.

We took Wendy to the airport yesterday morning for her 9:20 flight to Denver.  Then we had breakfast at International House of Pancakes and had planned to do some shopping but we forgot that the shopping centers don't open until noon on Sunday so we came on home and will save our shopping until we go back to pick her up.  The lady that met Wendy in Denver called us after she put Wendy on the plane to Phoenix.  That was nice of her.

I had two special robot programs at the library on Saturday.  A professor in the Industrial Engineering Dept. of the Univ. of Idaho brought two big robots and three small ones and put on demonstrations.  About 135 showed up for the first program and 65 for the second so that was a good turn out.  It also made for a very busy afternoon for the three of us that work on Saturdays.  I took Wendy to one of my friends in Moscow who brought her to the program (along with her own two children).  Wendy was more interested in staying close to me than she was in the robots though.  I was able to take Wendy to lunch too, and she picked Arby's.  At least they have a nice salad bar which is better than McDonalds.

We are really enjoying our new house.  It is only one mile down the hill from our house to town so we are not that far out.  I walked to my exercise class this morning which is toward the other end of town and it only took me 30 minutes (15 minutes to get down the hill, 18 minutes coming back up)  There are three deer that frequent the area surrounding our house, we have seen them almost every day and Sunday morning they were within 100 yards of the house.

I think we still plan on picking you up at the airport at 8:29 on May 12.

Catherine & Gerry
(& Wendy in absentia)

P.S. We got an April Fool call from Wendy too!  I couldn't imagine her wanting to come home so soon but she's a very convincing actress!

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