Sunday, April 05, 2015

1985 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Apr. 3

Dear Grandma,

We just got in from roller skating – it was quite a night – at first Wendy Jean could not skate unless there was a person (holding on to her) on both sides of her.  But – before the evening was over – she went by herself all the way around the RINK – so there was great improvement!

We stayed tho about an hour after we had planned to leave – but we couldn't leave just when she was beginning to be able to keep her balance!  Finally – since I had to get back to work – we promised we would be able to roller skate again before she leaves.

The wedding on Friday is turning into a real occasion!  Got Wendy Jean pink hose to match her dress – and a HAT.  I'm wearing a light blue dress – w/ blue hose.  I haven't found a HAT yet – except one for $65 – and I sure don't want to pay that much for it.  Wendy's hat was on sale for $4.79.

Here's the 1st of the pictures of Wendy Jean in Arizona.  She has been in the pool every day since she got here.  Today she even had me in the pool!  It's been in the low 90's but the water is very cool!  She doesn't seem to mind it!

When are you coming to Arizona?  We are sure keeping busy w/ this house guest!!

Hi to the folks!



Note the picture of Miss Wendy taken in the toy store – w/ Wells products behind her.

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