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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr. 15

April 15, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi1  I'm in the school library – just woke up from studying Biology.  That class is something else – right now we're on mitosis and meiosis.  I hate to think about what this course will do for my grade point average.

You will never guess what I've been busy doing the last 24 hours!  Yesterday morning I was at the L.W. library studying and got tired studying so took a little walk . . . . . and found the 1975 edition of Summer Employment.  (not sure of the exact title)

So yesterday afternoon I typed a resume, last night I addressed envelopes & wrote letters and this morning after going to Uncle Bill's office to run off copies of the resume sent out a rand total of  27  letters.

Sent them out to 12 states – all different kinds of places.  3 went to Ohio – Camp Joy - Clarksville; Lakeside Association (when did Serena get hired last year?) and Cedar Point - Sandusky.  Some went to resort places – alot in the East.  2 went to Colorado, 3 here in Florida, etc.

I'm curious whether I'll hear from any of them - as it is pretty late to be just applying.  Time will tell.

Sunday at Burdines I was in the Stationery department - it was good to be back there.  But, you can sure tell the tourist season is over – I was able to get alot of letters written.

Alice – one of my friends here at school works out at the Fountains – that's out near the turnpike on L.W. Road – it's a condo place – but has guest house - etc.  Anyway, she was telling me at lunch today that their rates – as of today dropped from $32.00 for a double to $16.

She said they were going to wait till the end of the month to go down, but decided to drop sooner because they only had 8 rooms full out of 76!!!  Ask Ruth Shoemaker about the Fountains – I took her out there.  THere is a beautiful golf course + swimming pool – also club-house there.  Want me to make reservations for you all there?  Ho-Hum!

I'm taking the bus down to school on Tuesdays & Thursdays as I said before I really enjoy it – meet all kinds of people – plus see alot of sights.  It's a city bus – (out of WPB) follows Dixie H'way just till Lantana then goes West and progressively South.  Doesn't get back on Dixie H'way till a few miles North of Boca Raton.  So far – I've been the onlyh one that gets off at F.A.U!!

The way it looks now Rob will not be coming up North this summer – at least not for school.  He has changed his major from music to health education.  It's beyond me how he is making it through – as I've yet to see him study.  He's quite a character.

Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary are talking about going up to see the Kintners in May – May 16th till Memorial Day.  I've got a good feeling they will go because they were really taken in w/ RRK.

I've heard from Jackie Phelan quite regularly lately.  Somehow she has decided to go to Oregon or Washington looking for a job after she graduates.  After her trip to Africa – I wouldn't put anything past her.

I better close for now –––

4/16/75 6:30 AM
Getting ready to go to Sabal Palm – I think I'm beginning to like those kids out there more.


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