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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr. 5

April 5, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Never, never have I worked so hard as I did this morning between 4:00 A.M. and 9:30 A.M.  [written on side] 1st when I was hired it was 5:00 starting time, that was moved to 4:30 – this morning 4:00 & Monday 3:45!  Pretty soon it won't be worth going to bed!  And we only did a half of our load – we'll do the other half on Monday.

I'm not sure if I told you or not but I got downtown WPB – all businesses – very little residential area.  I got 2 P-800's.  Those are the biggest trucks UPS uses for delivery out of WPB.  800 stands for cubic inches or feet – I'm not sure which at this point!

U.S.P. [UPS?] doesn't carry packages over 50 pounds but felt like alot of  them weighed over  50 pounds to me!  Right now I'm not sure if I'm cut out for this type of work.  You know they started w/20 kids and now there is only 14 of us – us 2 girls are the only ones that have never been late – like the training guy said – he could tell that we don't work lightly – HA!

Burdines is about the same – alot of new people working there.  The old ones seem to stay – but a fast turnover in the young ones!  Yesterday I was sitting in the training class & the phone rang – it was personnel and they told the training woman to send me to Domestics they were super busy!  I could ring up sales – that was no problem – but when it came to helping people – that was something else!  they asked me about working today – but thank goodness I had the sense to say NO!  I laid down after work – but my muscles hurt too much to sleep!

OH - yes – I also started school this past week.  Death & Dying is going to be good – of course, you know I take a special interest in old people any way.

Biology – well – what can I say about it?  We're studying about how the earth was formed, etc.  Every word I hear in there is another one added to my vocabulary. (sp?)

We are going on _3_ field trips in Biology – one to Boynton Hammock (sp?) [Ocean Ridge Hammock Park] one to Jonathan Dickinson Park – guess what we will do there – canoeing!!  I've got experience there – Ho, Hum!  And the last field trip to the Everglades National Park.  That should be fun – have I ever been there – I can't remember.  Aunt Mary says she has never been there yet!  The Everglades trip will be the only one that will cost us!

Mother – what were you talking about about "making reservations for June" – I didn't understand what you were saying.  [written on side] I just reread your letter & get it now – as to boat reservations.  Yes – how about the over-night trip – Ho, Hum.

We got your long letter yesterday– thanks!  The article about the waitress was good.

Catherine & I must be trying to see who can keep the most jobs.  I think we're about even.  I'm curious to see what the next 5 years will bring for me!  One thing I'm thankful for is that I've almost got my education – I won't always have to be lifting boxes at UPS!

Debbie the girl at UPS w/me used to work at 7-11.  She liked it alot at 1st.  She graduates in June too – We were figuring if we would just work 20 hours at UPS this summer – plus another full time job we could really pull in the $.  But all of this talking was before the morning.

I'm all done w/ the science course at the junior college – except for taking the final – which will be over the same material as the 2 tests we've had.  I got my presentation over Tuesday night – gave it 2nd out of about 25 to 30 kids.  I'm sure glad it's over w/.  Don't have it to worry about now!  Hopefully I got a pretty good grade on it – as I got low C's on both tests.

The other course I'm taking is Social Work procedures – it's good.  I like the professor alot.  He's one of F.A.U.'s best

As for my field experience at the detention home!  That's exactly what it is – an experience!  I would have to be paid a high price to work in a place like that!  Last Monday they had me trying to help these kids in Math – of all things!  One of the boys had been home for the weekend – he was showing the others what he had shoplifted during the week-end.  Also it's a rough place – alot of fighting, kids w/ knives, etc!

It's really been a week w/ Mares, Larry & son here!  Especially on poor Aunt Mary – in fact she is in bed now w/ a sore throat!  Every night there has been people in to "view" the baby – from the Church, etc.  I'm afraid that baby is going to be very spoiled!

Do you know that Larry & Mares have used the Buick to go to the beach, etc. but last Sunday my Buick (w/beautiful paint job & good tires) was not good enough for the baby to ride in!  I thought that was interesting.

I have seen some jack sets in W.T.Grant made by (packaged by & sold too) some people I know.  Dad, please don't use Parcel Post (is that right – well, UPS) if you're sending anything to W.P.B.  – unless the package is very light weight, also easy to pick up!  I kid you not – I'm really sore – by the time you get this letter I might be looking for another job – HA!

Did Mr. Fawley [1919-1979] have another heart attack?  From the sound of your letter I guess he had.

Mary Virginia – we enjoyed your letter – especially G'ma.  I know she is anxious to get back to New Vienna – she is always talking about how Mary V. pops in to do her errands.

How soon are the Hauses moving into their new home?  "Lottie" will be able to walk to Strebers [Streber's Market was in downtown New Vienna from 1931-1995] now – except I think she goes to Krogers.  What's the story on the house where they live now?

Mary V. how is the softball coming?  You ought to get Vanessa to help your – except she told me she was giving up sports & taking up going to school instead!

How was the Mother-Daughter banquet – Mary V. you would have to represent the Uible Girls.

It's now past 10:00 – I'm more than ready to go to bed being that I was up at 3:00 A.M.  Monday we are to bet there at 3:45 AM.  Sometimes I get the feeling they are trying to kill me off!

Mother, I ordered you a book a while back concerned w/ what the article is about that is enclosed.  I'm definitely sold on them – even though I haven't used one since I was home last.

Sorry my letters are so few & far between now –––



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