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NV Firm [Wells] is Moving (2 of 2) - May 15, 1952

Part Two of the Leesburg Citizen May 15, 1952 article on Wells Mfg. moving into their new building.  See Part 1 at this link.
Wells Manufacturing New Building, C.J. Uible, Leesburg [Ohio] Citizen May 15, 1952

Wells Manufacturing Company to Hold Open House Friday
The Wells Manufacturing Company, New Vienna, will move from the Carter building to its new $40,000 home this week and will hold open house on Friday afternoon and evening.

Founded in Dayton in 1945, the firm was brought to New Vienna in May 1947, through the financial backing of Mr. C.J. Uible, New Vienna.  In June, 1948, Mr. Uible purchased the firm outright and has since operated it in the Carter building.  [The Carter Building is now the Senior Center.]

From 18 to 20 persons were employed the past winter.  Officers are C.J. Uible, president and treasurer; Attorney Harold Uible, vice president and secretary.  Charles Thompson is production manager.

The company manufactures and assembles novelties for variety and 10 cent stores and makes nearly 20 items, including jack sets, yo-yos, paddle balls, return balls, key chains, etc.  Its largest buyers are Woolworth, Kresge, and Sears-Roebuck.  Its products are shipped all over the U.S., Hawaii [not yet a state in 1952], South America, South Africa and Sweden.
Wells Mfg. Employees - May 15, 1952, Leesburg Citizen clipping.  Captioned: Charles Thompson production manager of the Wells Mfg. Co., left, is standing by Atty. Harold Uible at rear.  Front row shows three office employes [sic], Miss [Reatha] Hakes, Mrs. [Joann Rulon] [Damon] Hughes, and Mrs. [Donna] Brown.
May 15, 1952 - Leesburg Citizen Clipping.  Atty. Harold Uible in New Office and Wells Mfg. Office Girls.  Captioned: Attorney Harold Uible, vice president and secretary of the Wells Mfg. Co., New Vienna, is shown at this desk in the new office of the company.  Office employees of the Wells Mfg. Co. in the front office of the Wells Mfg. Co.  Left to right: Miss Reatha Hakes, Mrs. Donna Brown and Mrs. Joan Hughes.

Some Wells Manufacturing Company Products. May 15, 1952, Leesburg Citizen Clipping. Featuring a Jacks Set, Flying Soss-Ers, and a metal lock box.
Wells Mfg. Company Products - May 15, 1952, Leesburg Citizen clipping, featuring Twin Jack Set, Cyclone Spinner.

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