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1974 Family Letter -Nov.1

Friday Evening [November 1, 1974]

Dear Family:

We are back in the swing of things on the homefront and even looked over the new monthly magazines that were here on our return.  Read someplace that the new generation does not know the meaning of "Hometown" as we are becoming such a mobile nation of people.

Took time out in Columbus to go to Gilberts to get some overshoes... the price of new shoes was enough reason to say no.  Speaking of bargains did get one on our last night out, a motel room for $8.88, it was marked extra value in the Mobil Tour Book and was very adequate.  Theses new discount motel chains seem to be at the same place that Holidays [sic] Inn were some fifteen years ago.

The news is out that Phyllis T and Edwin White (her neighbor) are going to get married.  Edwin's wife Mildred McVey (Aunt Mary will remember her and her sister Virginia) died earlier this year.  Phyllis will continue to work at Wells.  Phyllis's other neighbor, Julia Hakes, whose husband died a couple of years ago, remarried earlier this fall and moved to Sabina.

Appreciate all the birthday greetings, tho don't feel as old as the calendar coldly relates.  Isn't it a fact that one gets a letter from the President on the 100th year?

Started handing out political literature today, we have a computer print-out of the registered voters and how they voted (this cost the committee some $200.00).  It is always surprising of the people who are not even registered.  John will be able to register for the primary election in 1975.  Next week elections will be an interesting prelude to the presidential elections in 1976.

Our News-Journal carrier didn't remember our conversation about stopping the paper until our return.  See where the Sunday Enquirer is going to 50¢ unless you take the daily with which it will remain 40¢.  At that rate, Bert, that motel room was a bargain and do appreciate your effort on the same.  If Hortons "motel" has a vacancy we will plan on a few nights there after Christmas.  We talked with Hinermans in Wheeling and they plan to go to Florida this next week.

Grandma's hair has really come back in the week that we were gone - she now has enough for a knot in the back . . . which is very encouraging.

[Personalized note to Catherine]  Thanks again for the nice picture.  Let us know the details of how one finishes a roof, tho it will be a few years before our house needs one.  You two can certainly be proud of all the progress on your house.


                           All the Family

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