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1974 Roberta's Letter -Nov.15

November 15, 1974
Dear Family –

Hi - just a short note to tell you some good news – I got a 96 on my last business exam - missed one out of 25 questions! (just like the 1st exam)

Also I finally – on the 3rd time around - passed the proficiency exam in my PCL science course.  Now - all I have left to do this quarter is to take the final exam in both courses – one is Dec. 5th and the other one is Dec. 10th.

I'm enclosing the – I think _ last of the bills.  If you would kindly pay it I would greatly appreciate it.  I just removed $200.00 from my savings this week - had to pay my tuition early at F.A.U.  so I could sign up for the  course at the junior college for free.

I tried calling the Hinermans last night at work - we have a Watts line - but just for the state of Florida.  Anyway - no luck - their # is still disconnected so maybe they aren't in Stuart yet!

Love, Berta

P.S. – We hear Itsy ––uh –– Robert cry over the telephone!

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