Thursday, November 13, 2014

1984 Family Letter -Nov.11

Dearest Family –

It is another cold and damp Sunday – the eight in a row for us though it hasn't rained yet.  They are holding Open House at the Wilmington Library this afternoon so we plan to go over and the Sankers are to meet us there.  They had originally planned to come for dinner but because we felt we really ought to be there we plan to have dinner later.  Grandma was here for lunch - She will be leaving for Florida the 30th of November so there won't be too many more weeks.  She is to go Florida Express - a new airline as far as we know which now leaves from Columbus to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale and plans to start flying from Cincinnati the middle of December  They are very competitive to Peoples Express but has the advantage that you can check two pieces of luggage free.  Anxious to hear how it rally compares.  They predict that Delta will soon have a similar fare.

It is now Sunday evening and the Sankers have left.  After the Open House we went to the Lions Club Fish Fry at Lynchburg.  It was really a fried dinner plus they had a super loud band so a little hard to carry on a conversations for the only seats were right in front of the band.  We saw their pictures  of their trip this fall to France, Germany, Austria and Italy but mostly of their granddaughter - Lynn and David's 5½ month old daughter.  She is adorable and coming for 5 days at Christmas.  Bill was sick for about 10 days while they were overseas which put a damper on their traveling but he finally gained strength enough to finish their trip.  They were gone 2 weeks on business and 3 weeks on their own.

Dad is going to West Virginia tomorrow so I plan to go with him.  His appointment in or near Charleston is at 9 AM Tuesday so we plan to stay overnite there.  I'll work at the library tomorrow morning instead of Tuesday.

Last night we took the Harners and the Donald Bernards to the dinner theater at the college sponsored by the AAUW.  They put on "Crimes of the Heart" with Cherie Cooper and Terri Anderson with leading roles.  It was well done but the language a little tiring with so much swearing.  We also invited the John Hughes to go with us but they had already made plans to go with the NV Senior Citizens.  They had two carloads from here for the play only.  Saw MV and her roommate very briefly afterwards - they had just been to Middletown overnight visiting her roommate's parents.

Friday we had the Bubble out and took Grandma to Wilmington for her annual fall physical checkup.  It was another rainy day sot he Bubble was handy.

Yesterday afternoon we did get into gear in putting some of our snapshots into an album. . . that has been one of our resolutions for some time.  It also refreshed our memories of the time that the snapshot had been taken.  On the other hand there are the pictures that we wonder, "Where is that."

The Saturday Wilmington News-Journal now comes on Saturday morning.  We do remember how faithful you children were in carrying the newspapers, and especially that Sunday Enquirer, which came so early on a morning that we might have slept - or rather John might have slept.

Had a long chat with the Hortons yesterday morning about the Elderhostel programs - they did enjoy their Mexican trip & are looking forward to going on another some place.

Thanksgiving really comes as early as it possibly can this year and will soon be here.  Mary Virginia is bringing an Austrian girl and possibly some other foreign students as well as Mie Young.  I am tempted to invite the Culbreaths - the new minister and his wife and four children but haven't seen them to really ask them - that should be a lively group.  We had Eloise last year (Simkins) but she came so early - but feel I really should.  We will miss John and X but hope to see them perhaps the following week after we take G'ma to the airport.

[Love, etc.]

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