Saturday, November 15, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Nov.14

Nov 14, 1984

Dear Folks,

Hi!  Thought you all would like a picture of me in my Halloween Flapper dress!  On the close-up you can see the beauty mark.!

It's beginning to be the holiday season – getting lots of calls from groups wanting to come out & do their good works & service visits.  Mostly means lots of home-made (& store bought) cookies & Christmas Carol singing!  Too bad they just come [or care?] during the Christmas season – I always put out my squeal [spiel?]  on how we welcome them but we are here 12 months a year!

Wish we could be on College Ave for Thanksgiving – but looking forward to representing the Uible-Kings in Florida mid-January!  Hope all A-1.

Sending small pkg – slow mail – tho new clothes – not 2nd hand!

Love, Roberta

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