Friday, November 21, 2014

1974 Family Letter to Serena -Nov.21


Dear Serena:

After your call last night we called up Amtrack[sic] - they have a toll free number which starts with a recorded message about how busy they have been since the bus strike started, but to hang on and one of their agents would soon be with you . . which was a minute.  Anyway, there is no train service between Dayton and Toledo.  So that leaves either private auto - which is out on this end for your Mother is in charge of the Thanksgiving party on Wed. P.M. for M.V.'s class or another bus line - how about Trailways?  Or maybe the Greyhound strike will end SOON.  We do hope that you can be with us next week, Serena.

Got your letter this afternoon - two days . . wonder when you will get this???  We got a tape from Roberta this week and Grandma could hear it quite well compared to the first - which you heard.  Ta[ed a conversation with Grandma and sent it back to her.  She has plane reservations to leave here on the 30th and got her hair fixed today.

They had a party for Phyllis at Wells today as she is being married tomorrow evening at 6:30 P.M. at the Church of Christ, and will be taking some of her vacation until next Friday the 29th.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SOCIOLOGY - wow what spelling - that is one advantage of these tapes, Serena, about spelling.  Got your bike tire fixed and really does pump easy - but it does skip a few teeth on the gear - hopefully that is nothing major.

Ann Norman is now the WNJ NV correspondent - in the morning broadcast she told about the Dave McCunes wedding anniversary what they were going to do today, where they were eating supper and the movie they planned to see tonight.  That is as good coverage as Pres. Ford is getting in Japan.

Since you are free Tuesday – I'll go up after you if you aren't able to get home otherwise but do try to come by Trailways or posting your interest in a ride on a bulletin board/s.  Good Luck– We'll be waiting to hear what the next step is.


                        Mother & Dad

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