Monday, November 17, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Nov.15

P.S. Thought the book - REAL GOOD!

Hi –––

Should you want any extras of these (or any of his books) I can get them at a discount.  Plus – I'm sure he likes to see the books sell!

Enclosing also re-classification papers – for my new classification!  Still not sure yet exactly what it means $ wise.  Tho rumor has it quite generous!

I'll probably be going night flight to Florida 22nd January, not real low fares into West Palm – just Miami & few into Fort Lauderdale.  When are you all flying into Ft. Lauderdale?  Maybe I could meet you all there!  Wish we had People's Express ––

Good thing for free lodging once there w/air fare being so HIGH!  This time I will take travellers checks – instead of cash – and you all be sure to pick up all luggage at the airport ––

Love, Roberta

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