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1954 Jean's Letter -Nov.14

1954 Jean's Letter to her mother, Lucie Brown Ballantyne - Nov.14
Nov. 14, 1954

Dearest Mother,

Received your letter yesterday and sorry to hear Bob is still in the hospital.

We have called off our trip to Florida.  When I went in to see Dr. Fullerton last Tuesday, he thought we were taking the trip pretty close & could easily start labor before we get home.  I'm really not disappointed for think I'd be more comfortable at home.  He set the date as between the 10th and 20th of January –– which was earlier than I had counted on.  He said so much traveling wouldn't be good.  I've passed the 150# mark by now no doubt as I weighed 149¾ that day.  Harold has more trips to make but not so far into Florida.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  We don't want to cancel any plans you do have but if you should be at home we might plan to go home for a few days.  Harold has from Wednesday til Monday off.  If you should be busy we could come the weekend before or after.

Mother & Daddy Uible have decided to leave for Florida next Saturday (the 20th).  Mother Uible didn't want to leave so soon but Daddy Uible is anxious to get down there.

Catherine lost another tooth last nite – the front one on the right.  It was so loose during supper she couldn't chew & so she wanted Daddy Uible to take it out.  We went up & slipped a knotted piece of string around it and pop it came.  The other one is pretty loose & may be out before long.  She put the one that was pulled out under her pillow and the Good Fairy left her some money for it.

Friday night we went to see the Wilmington College players in "Stalag 17" the story of our boys in a German prisoner-of-war camp – it was done very well.  We took Herman and Kay Williamson (he's the cashier of the bank).

The bank directors & employees are planning on a party for Miss Ethel Johnson (sister of Mrs. Harley Phillips) who has worked at the bank for 30 years.  They are having a dinner at the Snow Hill Country Club – They have just finished an addition there & have the former manager of the General Denver Hotel as caterer now & have given him permission to serve parties to other than members.

I got Mrs. Davis to come take care of us after I get home from the hospital.  It was her husband who died while you were here – She is also Virginia Rulon's mother & has started to take baby cases.

The young people of the church collected 334 pounds of used clothing to send to Korea – the 2nd batch that's been sent this fall.

Alice Rudisill stopped in this afternoon with Barbara & Tommy & altho we were glad to see her – they don't leave a thing untouched & what a cyclone each room was in.  Harold straightened them up while I got a bite of supper though – which helped immensely.

Mrs. Morton has rented part of her house to an old friend of hers which will be good company for her.

All of our very best love, 
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta 

P.S. Let us know of your Thanksgiving plans.

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