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1954 Jean's Letter -Oct.31

1954 Jean's Letter to her mother, first and last page -Oct.31
Oct. 31, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Harold got home last night (Saturday) about 6:00.  Catherine was invited to a Halloween party at Laura Louise Hughes' – her sister Karen was entertaining her class (5th grade) & we were invited too – There were 20 fifth graders – Karen's brother Kenny, sister Laura Louise, Catherine & Roberta & four couples – John & Laura Hughes, Jean & Joe Eaton (parents of Karen's best friend, Mr & Mrs. King (she's their teacher) and us.

They had quite a good time & kept them busy keeping the children busy.  They're quite an active class.

By the way, Harold had originally planned to be away two weeks but because of some pressing legal affairs decided to come home in a week so we were glad to have him home sooner.

Tomorrow night is the Mother's Club affair – & we're planning on going again.  Its to Cincinnati & we think its to the Beverly Hills – a nightclub across the river in Covington, Ky.  So far there will be about 15 or 16 couples going – for dinner, floor show & dancing.

Florence Masters brought me down a fancy blue taffeta blouse (jacket) with pretty buttons which I plan to wear with the Velveteen skirt of Virginia's.  I had loaned her sister that black wool jersey when she needed it.

The same day Florence brot it – Laura Hughes came with a navy blue 2 pc. dress she had made for her #5. [Referring to maternity clothes, Tim is about a year older than Serena.]  I've worn it a couple of times.  I really have so many clothes to pick from now!!

Mother & Daddy Uible are going to keep the girls overnight so that simplifies our baby-sitting problem.

We're taking the Eatons and Hauses tomorrow nite and the next day is Election Day –– and I should be busy getting the Republican voters out – I'll probably have a hard enough time getting myself out – of bed after being up late.

Mother Uible is having the WSCS next Friday. She's not supposed to be the hostess but the original one can't have it & she's on the committee so offered.

Alice Rudisill invited us up for lunch last Thursday while Harold was away.  She had a very nice lunch & offered to take care of Catherine & Roberta while I went to a Stanley Party but decided not to try to do both & just went there for lunch.

We are tentatively planning to leave for Florida combining business & pleasure – about Monday, Nov. 15 & if you can arrange to go, would love to have you.  Harold hopes to also go to New Orleans and as I've never been am looking forward to going.

Roberta tries to talk more & more – love her "cocoa in a coffee cup" & will really fight for it if necessary. She's wearing the coat you gave Catherine a couple of years ago – she really looks nicer it it than C did & Mary Jean's coat does look very nice on Catherine & they're both as proud as can be of them.

Catherine was quite upset that we went to the party with her last night – she wanted us to just take her out & come out after her.  She & Laura Louise did real well in taking part in the games but I don't imagine the 5th graders appreciated them too much.

The first issue of McCalls just came the October [issue] and I enjoyed finishing the story about the couple who adopted 12 children.

Guess I'd better get to bed early since tomorrow will be a big day.

All our very best love,
Harold Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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